Resilience in every stroke, a silent companion on your unique journey

- Godwin Paronda

Godwin's Artistic Odyssey

A Journey Beyond Canvases

Born in 1993 on the vibrant streets of Manila, Philippines, Godwin embarked on his artistic journey drawing on the streets and fueled by unbridled curiosity. 

Portraits of people and animals laid the initial strokes shaping his path into crafting captivating and realistic images.

Fueled by unwavering passion, Godwin committed to continuous learning and artistic experimentation, evolving his skills into a masterful craft.

Life's Canvas:

Godwin’s canvas extends beyond art, reflecting a life molded by humble beginnings. Embracing multiple jobs from an early age, he discovered happiness amid financial constraints. Despite external perceptions, Godwin’s journey held unseen struggles. Undeterred, he navigated through life’s challenges, exploring identity and seizing opportunities that led him to opulent realms of luxury.

Amid non-stop hardships and unwavering self-belief, Godwin transformed his struggles into triumphs. Today, he proudly stands as an Artisan for the prestigious luxury brand, Louis Vuitton.

The Deeper Palette:

In the pursuit of success, Godwin realized financial triumph lacked substance. A profound awakening unfolded, revealing that genuine happiness emanates from the pursuit of what ignites the soul, irrespective of external perceptions. Life’s canvas became an intricate tapestry of lessons, teaching Godwin the essence of authentic fulfillment — staying true to oneself, inspiring others, and embracing authenticity.

Art as a Beacon:

Through his creations, Godwin shares the resilience gained from his journey, illustrating the transformative power embedded in perseverance and self-belief. Each stroke on his canvas serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit echoing the message: never give up, always believe in yourself, and embrace the authenticity defining your unique journey.

Godwin's Masterpiece:

Now, Godwin shares his works as a symbol and reminder. In moments of problems, anger, or joy, his creations become companions. He wants his art to be a beacon, resonating with people, offering solace, and serving as a reminder to never give up on one’s unique journey.


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This artist portfolio encapsulates Godwin’s profound artistic odyssey, a narrative woven with the threads of resilience, self-discovery, and the timeless pursuit of authentic fulfillment. Each piece tells a story, inviting others to find strength and inspiration in their own unique journeys.

Godwin Sy

Artistic Achievements
  • Artisan at Louis Vuitton
  • Expert in Portrait Painting (Acrylic, Oil, Digital, Pastel, Charcoal)
  • Head of Fine Arts Department at Hayat Institute (2019-2020)
  • Featured caricature artist at a Dept. of Economy
  • Dubai event (2019)
  • Exhibited at Unbox (2019)
  • Exhibited at the Philippine Consulate of Dubai and Northern Emirates (2019)
  • Exhibited at XL Furniture (2019)
  • Mounted a painting exhibit under Arte-Dubai at D3 and Time Square Dubai
  • Featured as Artist of the Month by Jam Jar Studio (April 2019)

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